Lord Of The Flies

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Lord of the Flies In Lord of the Flies, by William Golding, Ralph finds himself torn between becoming a savage or a leader who tries to do what's best for the group. Ralph is opposed by Jack, a boy who has "fallen from grace", whereas Ralph tries to do what's best. In the middle of the two is Piggy, the mind behind most of the ideas. They both look at Piggy disapprovingly but Ralph respects him at least.

Ralph, when the boys voted him chief above Jack, makes a promise to get the boys rescued as soon as humanly possible. He starts to planning things that seemed practical at first and saving the "that would be nice" stuff for later. He organizes the group and kept them together. "If it rains like we dropped in we'll need shelters all right." (52) Ralph is the organizer.

Piggy was an important part of the boy's development even though the boys fail to understand it.

He thinks of the things none of the other boys had even heard of. He has great ideas but the way he offers them and how he looks physically makes him a person to be scorned. Piggy understands that without Ralph as leader he is completely lost. Piggy is the thinker of the bunch.

At first Jack is practical as Ralph. He put necessary things first, but when he is made a hunter things began to change. Jack starts to obsess more and more about hunting and starts to worry about things he wants. He is beginning to split the group and adds unseen tensions with the boys. Jack seems to hate Piggy and begins to hate Ralph when Ralph chews him out about the fire incident. Where Ralph is the organizer, Piggy is the brain, Jack is the destroyer.

In conclusion the boys are becoming split and tensed about each other. Ralph tries his best to keep the peace. With Jack causing the hostility Ralph is having a difficult time erasing the aggression caused. Piggy is afraid of Jack and will not usually speak up to him. With these elements the author brought together a terrific story.

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