Lord Of The Flies

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Symbolism played an important part in the development of the novel, Lord of the Flies. This technique is used to give a significance to certain people or objects, that represent some other figure.

Piggy and his glasses are symbols of clear-sightedness, and intelligence. they are also the status of social order. They used piggy's glasses to start the fire so that they would be saved.

The fire symbolized hope. If they can keep the fire going, they will be able to get saved. If someone sees the fire than they will know that someone is stranded and they will come to help.

The conch represents democracy and order. They used the conch to call everyone together for a meeting. They also use it for the person who holds the conch is the only one to be speaking. No one else is allowed to be speaking at that time.

The island is another symbol. The boat shaped island is an ancient symbol of civilization. The water current around the island, seems to be "flowing backwards." Which may be an impression that civilization may be going backwards for the island.

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