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LOOKING FOR ALIBRANDI - MELINA MARCHETTI this book is about a girl named josephine alibrandi. Her experiences , tauma, pain , happiness and love are all displayed well in this book. it lets the reader interact with her on a more personal note. it's set like a biography. Brilliantly describes the life of a teen. This year her father comes into her life for the fisrt time ever, so while dealing with the shock of that, she also has to handle the death of her close friend, social climbing friends, school, boys and family. she tells us of her feelings and everything, and how tough it is being non-australian in australia. she deals with the racism around her and does it funnily.

i thought this book was one of the best books i've read in my entire life. the movie wasnt too good though. I thought she was one of the strongest willed people ever created and it inspired me to try harder in what i'd like to achieve.

she taught me that respect for yourself is just as important as respect for other people. she shows us how life really is behind the scenes. how not everyone is a rich person, but rich in there hearts. Take jacob cootes for example. he isnt too rich and all but he is still a really nice guy behind the face he puts on. (not literally by the way).i particularly like how she works at a fast food restaraunt. i think that realtes well to every other kid in sydney. i give this book 10/10 because i think its just too good not to read.

why it was nominated.. and WON aswell...- *strikingly real experiences *relations to teenagers today *plot *how it can sort of give hope to the reader...

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