Loneliness In Society

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Loneliness Loneliness is common throughout today's and yesterday's society. People feel alienated even if they are not. It can cause anger, sadness or violence among anyone. Causes can be from moving somewhere new or getting a new job as shown in John Steinbeck's novel Of Mice And Men, or because of personal differences.

Loneliness could be from race, appearance or disabilities, All forms of discrimination.

In the story Of Mice And Men, Curly's wife was a very lonely person. She tried to attract attention but was only ignored, becuase of sexual discrimination. She was the only woman on the ranch and was in a loveless marriage as well as no friends. Curly's Wife is a perfect example of a very lonely person living in the early 1930's.

But, in the world today there is less discrimination in the US, because of race or gender but more people become lonely because of technology or other forms of today's inventions.

Society tends to blame new technology as the fault to this problem. Many People are becoming more and more lazy, because they stay at home and use the computers or WebTV or any other technological way of communicating and never leave the house unless its for work or something very important.

Its becoming very sad to watch all these people wasting the lives in such a fashion. There is an abundance of activities for people to do now. You can ride bicycles, go on vacation and take tours, and so many sports to play its hard to believe someone would not at least try to be active.

Another cause of loneliness is alienation. All over the world alienation occurs towards all people, whether its because of their race, religion or personal differences, discrimination is a problem in countries all...

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