Living With Parents Vs. Living With Out Parents

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Ariel Bullington Sept. 20, 2001 ENC 1101 Living with parents vs. Living on your own When college time arrives deciding whether or not to live with your parents is an enormous question most college students fear. Immediately two gigantic bubbles appear in a students head they are: living on your own or living with the parents. The choice the student makes before college will mean big differences in freedom and responsibility.

When a student lives with their parents, freedom is a word a student hears only on television. Living with parents is sometimes difficult; especially when a student hears those dreadful words they love to say, " as long as you live in my house"¦!" Parents have rules. A student is required to have a bedtime, because the parents have to get up early in the morning for work. On weekdays a student has a curfew of eleven o'clock p.m.

and on the weekends the curfew is midnight. When living with parents a student may be allowed to have a party once a year or not at all. On the bright side, a student does not have to pay bills. A student always sees their favorite foods magically appear when Mom gets home from the grocery store.

Responsibility is something a student living with parents should have but, it is not required. A student living with parents does not need a job. A student living with parents has two responsibilities; they must do their homework and finish their chores before going anywhere.

A student, who chooses to live on his or her own, gets that lovely word freedom in their head and takes off with it. Now a student can stay up as late as they want. On the weekends there is no curfew, as well as on...

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