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Epic poetry usually embodies the attitudes and ideas of an entire culture. In the story of "Beowulf" this can be clearly seen. The heroic character displays an attitude of courage and loyalty. His qualities reflect the best of the Anglo-Saxon culture. These were very important to the people and were practiced amongst each other. Beowulf's character is extremely important in early British literature.

Beowulf was the son of Edgetho, and a nephew of a king named Higlac. He was a great warrior and protector. Beowulf often put others before himself. He was the chosen one to fight against a monster named Grendle. Many people feared this monster because it attacked in the night. This monster was never satisfied with its own killings. It would continue to enjoy killing.

Beowulf had begun a great journey into unknown lands searching for signs of this evil. Grendle continued killing for as long as 12 years.

The monster would consume anyone it wanted and showing no mercy toward him or her. Beowulf finally had caught up with this evil. Even though Beowulf would not use weapons against this creature, he still had an advantage. He had the ability to use his wits against Grendle. Beowulf was great at quick thinking which intern would aide to his survival and the killing of Grendle.

When Beowulf's people heard the news that Grendle was dead, they were joyful to have such a great warrior. They thought of him to be great in spirit. His journeys were then told again and again. Each of the people hearing them and passing them on. Beowulf had all the qualities of a hero: brave, fair, religious, and most of all he was respectful.

However, not everyone thought Beowulf as being a great hero. Many were jealous of...

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