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Two Teenagers Slain by Stalkers: One Man Still At Large Late Sunday Evening, the bodies of two local teens; Betty Shultz and Connie Smith , were found brutally raped and murdered in a empty field two miles north of town. Allegedly the double murder involves two stalkers, one of whom has been taken into custody. The other escaped police on foot after having been discovered hiding in a adjacent corn field. A state wide man hunt has been issued for the capture of Arnold Friend. Friend is considered to be extremely dangerous and police advise citizens to avoid him at all cost. Police describe friend as a short to medium white man between 25-30. Friend was last reported to be wearing a white tee shirt and a pair of blue jeans. Unshaven and scruffy in appearance, with shaggy wild black hair which my be confused for a wig.

The man taken into custody was Ellie Phunt.

Mr. Phunt has confessed to the events which led up to the murder of the two young women. After having stalked the two girls the night before at a local Big Boy restaurant, the pair then followed Betty Shultz to her home. They then waited outside her home until her parents left for church. Ellie claims they then tortured Betty to reveal the location of her friends house. Finding Connie alone was an easy task as was convincing her to ride along with them. With Betty in the trunk they took the two girls out to an abandon field where the two girls meet their demise. When asked why Ellie replied "they use to ignore Arnold at the Restaurant, I guess he finally got tired of it."

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