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Life or Death Situations Is riding with someone who has been drinking worth risking your life? This is a question that passengers should ask themselves before getting into a vehicle with an intoxicated driver. Passengers should refuse to ride in any vehicle driven by someone whose been drinking. Passengers who refuse could not only save their own lives but many other lives, save money, and reduce the consequences of getting in trouble and losing a friend.

First and most important, refusing to ride with an intoxicated driver could save many lives. The majority of accidents involved with drunk drivers are the leading cause of death on highways. Peer pressure is a major concern with passengers because friends tend to persuade other friends to ride with them even though they don't want to. Such as a threat I won't be your best friend anymore, yet they keep nagging you on and on how much fun it will be.

Therefore, not letting others persuade you into dangerous situations could save your life and maybe theirs. Also teen passengers or under age drinkers are held equally responsible for the consequences. Many lives can be saved if passengers can remember all the consequences that are involved in the situation.

Also, the passenger could save money by not getting into a vehicle driven by an intoxicated person. If an accident occurred and the driver, passenger, and others where hurt they would have to go to the hospital and that means a lot of money is involved.

Expenses would have to be paid by the driver and the passenger because they are responsible for themselves since it was their choice. Court could be another factor for the rider and others involved in the accident, resulting in unwanted expenses. Fines are also another factor; if the driver isn't driving normal a police officer might pull them over. The driver would get a fine and possibly his or her license revoked; however, the passenger if a minor would also get a fine if he or she were also intoxicated. Money is very important to most people because everything costs so much these days. Obviously, refusing saves a lot of money for the driver, passenger and the others involved in the accident.

Finally, the consequences of someone who is riding with a drunk are very important because the consequences involve everyone. If the passenger is a friend of the drivers why would you let your friend drive in the first place? Friends are suppose to be there for you when in need of help or advice. Refusing to ride opens up an opportunity for the passenger to influence other passengers including the driver not to. Also, it decreases the consequences for everyone by knowing that you changed the situation from riding with a drunk to no one going at all.

Obviously, many intoxicated drivers still roam the highways; however, riding with one isn't worth risking your life is it? Remember to ask yourself this question before you get into any vehicle with someone who has been drinking.

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