A Life In The Day Of Oliver Reed

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A Life in the Day of Oliver Reed The late Oliver Reed, born on February 13th 1938 in Wimbledon, London, was sent to boarding school at the age of four. Oliver Reed who married his sixteen year-old wife, Josephine Burge at the ripe old age of forty-two was renowned for his interests in "˜wine and young women'. Reed's highly paid acting career was overshadowed by the drunken binges and bar brawls. His only regret being: "That I haven't drunk every pub dry and slept with every woman on earth." Reed starred in "˜London Calling', "˜Women in Love', "˜The 3 Musketeers' and many more.

Josephine's voice is usually the first thing I hear in the morning; which to be honest is a bit of a drag when she spent half the night questioning me about why I got home so late. I fumble under my pillow for my bottle of "˜morning vodka' and after drinking myself into awareness I slowly make my way downstairs.

"Breakfast in on the table," calls the distant voice of Josephine from the kitchen. I sit myself down and tuck into the traditional English breakfast - two eggs, bacon, grilled tomatoes, and hot buttered toast. It's times like these that I feel slightly guilty for staying out quite so late and leaving Josephine on her own.

The phone rings; it's the Daily Mail. I was expecting their call sooner or later.

"Mr Reed! Is it true you downed 104 pints of beer on a 2 day session before marrying your wife?" H onestly, reporters regard the most insignificant things as "˜best headline of the year'.

"No. It's not, and in any case that was about fifteen years ago so no one will want to know," I reply, slamming the phone down.

I accidentally let that secret...

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