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The Lesson People have diverse ways of perceiving things because everyone is different.

To be taught in a certain way may not be as affective for one person as it is for another.

There are many factors that contribute to this. Age, race, gender and maturity level are some factors that one can take into account when trying to teach a lesson. People also have different learning styles. One person may comprehend a certain teaching style better than another. However, that does not discredit the teacher or the person trying to learn. To learn is to gain knowledge or understanding of or skill in by study, instruction, or experience. Miss Moore tries to teach her lessons to the children through experiences, while also taking into account their age. A lesson is to experience something learned by study or experience. There are numerous lessons evident in the story that are learned by the students and the reader of the story.

The first lesson evident is a small lesson yet it is an important one. This lesson came when the group was walking down the street and Miss Moore was talking to the students. She was talking about how much things cost and how much their parents made.

She then went on to make reference to the fact that they live in poverty. By saying this Miss Moore helped the students to become aware of how poorly the money in the country was divided. This lesson acted as an introduction to the major lessons that students were shortly approaching. This was very important because it opened the minds of the students and allowed them to begin to think about how society is before they encountered Miss Moore's main lesson. This lesson was conveyed very well to Sylvia because she was ready to...

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