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One of the most important and controversial issues among the American society today is homosexuality. Should homosexuals have the same rights as straight couples? (What I mean by straight is male-female relationships) If so, are homosexuals demanding special rights? Also are homosexuals treated differently in society?, or is society not use to anything but the norm? Should we teach our children at an early age about homosexuality or should we let them find out for themselves? Some say that homosexuals bring on the discrimination and extra attention to themselves because of the way they act. For example, when out in public one might see a homosexual couple holding hands, kissing, or fondling one another, this is what brings the public eye to attention. Therefore, they bring this upon themselves, who is to say this is wrong? Homosexuals can't show love and affection for each other outside their home? Straight couples do this all the time.

But who's to say this is right for any couple to do whether it be heterosexual or homosexual.

I would like to focus my research paper on the topic of homosexuals in American society. I feel that this is a very important issue in the 21st century because more and more people are coming out about their homo -sexuality. Most of the time homosexuals are looked down upon because of the way they are and what gender they prefer. I think many adults should realize when they act hatred towards homosexuals they are showing their children that they are being prejudice. Most children grow to be and act the same way as their parents, because they were brought up that way. So that means if adults are prejudice towards homosexuals their children will be and so on.

In conclusion, I am going to review...

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