Leonardo Da Vinci Shows Science In Art

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Leonardo Da Vinci has had many works that relate with science. He has painted a piece of artwork called "two currents meet, with obstacles". It deals with density, viscosity, compressibility, surface tension, and adhesion. It also deals with how pressure increases. Another piece of artwork he has is called, "the secondary light of the new moon". It has the correct explanation of why the crescent moon in the twilight sky shows a gentle glow across its unilluminated parts. It deals with the reflectivity of the moon and earth's surfaces as the continually changing of the positions of the sun."Diverting a river", states that when fast-moving water can transport large particles than a slow-moving river. He also says sediments are deposited continually in a river it impedes the flow so as the mountains are more stable than the plains. Another great piece of artwork is called, "a siphon that will not work".

It deals with the speed of ships and the forces of water. "Hildoceras bifrons", explains why fossils are found so far from the sea. It deals with fossils and how they are from animals that once inhabited ancient sea that once covered land. It also deals with how observed groups of different fossils and found out that the assembled living groups in coastal areas. Leonardo was a very creative man and his works of art included scientific facts.

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