What Lead Up To Our Freedom

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The American Revolution was the great battle fought to win the colonist freedom from British government. A number of events contributed to the outcome of the American Revolution. People, places, and things all helped change the view points of colonists to fight for their independence. Their Strengths came together to help fight a cause. The French and Indian War, The writings of Thomas Paine, The Declaration of Independence, and The Battle of Saratoga.

The French and Indian war all began when the colonist ran out of living land on the east coast and decided to cross the Applacition Mountains to settle in new land. They also used the Ohio River to travel by boat to this new land. The French owned the land on the other side of the Ohio, and were very unpleased with the British Colonists. They worked with the Indians to trap furs. They also used these waterways as their trade routes such as the Ohio, and the Mississippi.

To stop the Colonists from settling in their territory they built Fort Duquense to control the upper Ohio River valley. The governor of Virginia had a claim to the area in which the fort was built. Britain sent troops to take over the fort. Their leader was a young man named George Washington. They ambushed a small scouting party, but then the French sent out the rest of the troops and the British Troops retreated about 60 miles away. They built what is know today as Fort Necessity. George Washington lost one third of his men in the earlier battle. The French caught up with fleeing troops and forced the to surrender. They were not off to a good start. The men marched back to Virginia in disgrace. What these men did not know was that their...

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