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The Knights of Templar were the first order of battle monks in history. They formed with only nine knights but grew into one of the most influential forces of its time. They had a very complex hierarchy with both military and non-fighting classes. The Knights helped in many areas of Europe and are credited with being the first international bankers in history. The Knights had a tragic end at the hands of Philip the Fair, King of France, makes their story one that you could read as a novel.

The Knights of Templar, also known as the Poor Knight of Christ, was a monastic military order formed at the end of the First Crusade. Their mission was protecting Christian pilgrims on route to the Holy Land. This was the first time a group of secular knights banded together and took the vows of a monk. In other words the Knights of Templar were the first to become warrior monks.

This order originally started out as nine knights who took the vows, but with the support of Cistercian Abbott Bernard of Clairvaux, later to be become St. Bernard, they were able to grow into one of most powerful forces of its time. The original nine knights are believed to be Hugues de Payens, Andre de Montbard, Geoffroi de St. Omer, Payen de Montdidier, Achambaud de St. Amand, Geoffroi Bisol, Gondemare, Rosal, and Godfroi. St. Bernard was one of the most influential Catholics at the time, he was known by some to be the "second pope"�. He wrote a letter, known as "In Praise of the New Knighthood"�, to Hugues de Payens, which spoke very highly of the order and it was because of this that the order was so successful in the beginning. They were granted their Rule in 1128 at...

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