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To Kill a Mocking Bird To Kill A Mockingbird is written by Harper Lee. A woman who is telling her life, which exist of three years of when she was a little girl is telling the story. The settling is in Maycomb Alabama. In the story, the main character Scout tells about her father Atticus, the author shows through out the story that Scout's dad is a fair man by using direct quotes, comments by others, and actions.

The first way the author shows that Atticus is as fair man is by using direct quotes, that come from Atticus. As he says to his daughter Scout "'Some times its better to bend the law a little in special cases. In your case the law remains rigid so to school you must go'"(30). This is showing that Atticus is being fair but not letting his daughters education go to waste, and not getting upset with her.

Another way he shows he is fair is one again with his daughter. Atticus tells scout, "'If you will concede the necessity of going to school well go on reading every night just as we always have'"(31). Atticus is showing he is fair by bargaining with his daughter to help each other so they both are happy.

The next way the author shows that Atticus is a fair man is through comments by others. When Scout talks to her Uncle Scout shows that Atticus is fair when Scout says "When Jem and I fuss Atticus just doesn't take Jems side of it, he hears mine to"(86). Lee also shows that Atticus is a fair man, when Scout says, "Atticus don't ever do any thing to Jen and me in the house that he doesn't do in the yard"(46). This shows that Atticus is fair because...

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