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The Komodo Dragon The mammal that interests me the most is the Komodo Dragon. There are a couple of reasons this animal interests me. One is the animals unique structure. The other is it's unusual eating habits.

The reason it's body structure interests me is because it is six feet long lizard. It's not everyday you see a six foot long lizard roaming around. It has a split tongue just like a snake and it has a third eye hole on the top of it's head to sense predator and prey. The hole isn't used much for detecting predator since the only predator it has is itself and humans. You might think that a huge, six-foot long lizard that walks on all four feet might be slow, but it's amazingly fast. Like it's look-alike cousins, the alligators, these creatures can get up to thirty miles an hour. That's fast! The other reason I like Komodo Dragons are their unusual eating habits.

They eat anything meat in sight. They eat other Komodo Dragons too. They rip apart the outside skin to get to the inside flesh.

So with those reasons in mind the Komodo Dragon is my favorite and most interesting mammal of all.

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