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The one comment that everyone uses to describe Juliet is that "she is the most beautiful girl they have ever seen" and that is true. Juliet is beautiful. Juliet has long black, silky flowing hair, which touches the floor. Her eyes are bright aqua marine blue color. Her skin color is olive, which makes her look like she has a permanent tan. Juliet is not only beautiful physically but also beautiful from the inside with her gentle and caring heart.

Juliet is my best friend. She is the nicest, loving and most kind soul I have ever met. She is one of those friends who would always be there for you if you needed something. If you ever needed something from her she would be there in a heartbeat. She is always upbeat; enthusiastic and energetic she is always up for anything. She is just always there for you when you need her.

I remember when my grandfather passed away. For days the feelings of sadness filled my stomach with butterflies. All I wanted to do was to be alone and sit in my room for personal solitude. I felt like the world had ended and I wanted everyone to leave me so I could reflect on my relationship with my grandfather. Life felt meaningless to me. However, Juliet was there the whole time helping me get through the hard time and reflect on the positive side of life.

Another good example of Juliet's compassion was brought out at our good friends birthday bash. It was an uncomfortable situation for me because I was there to celebrate my good friends birthday but at the same time my rival was there doing the same thing. We don't get along very well, we have anyways had unsolved issues between us. The party ended in us physically fighting, Juliet was there to back me and help me out. However, she ended up breaking the fight up and made us apologize to one another. She guided us to make up with one another and not we are on better terms.

Statistics have shown that best friends you make when you're young will stay best friends forever; about two in every five best friend relationships stay close forever. I hope that Juliet will be one of the two because a best friend like Juliet is hard to find. Juliet is one of a kind, with her warm, caring and compassionate soul.

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