The Journey Of August King

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The young widower, August King, suffers from a great sacrifition of his possesions for another human being who's in deep need of his help. More than that, the death of his wife, Sarah, has scarred him for life which makes him vulnerable to many things he encounters in life. He is lost and feels helpless after Sarah mysteriously died. Everything that Sarah has possessed holds him in a dark world where he is devoured by a total darkness. He simply does not think that anybody can help him. He is scared to move on with his life and make a difference somehow. His love for his deceased wife is perpetual and he does not want anything to be forgotten about her. One can make a difference if one is motivated, although motivation sometimes can be a little too much of an aggravation.

Somewhere early in the film August provokes that he can't help a runaway because it is against the law; but then as the story further exposes he starts to feel sympathy for Analise, the escaped slave.

He sacrifices everything to make her safe because considering the death of his wife which he could have never prevented, he feels that by helping another who needs his help as much as Sarah did will make things sorted out for him and hopefully forgive himself for everything that happened in the past.

"I never made laws. I'm simply a one man farmer."� This is a statement of how he proves he is not empowered and can't make any illegal actions that may break the law. Evidently, he knows the law is not right and should be changed. Someone who can make him make a difference is what he needs and Analise is just the right person. He is hurt just like Analise, consequently, he feels a vast reluctancy of helping another.

"I never have promised much in my life, but I promise to make you safe. I've attached myself to it."� This is one very provoking confimation of how August decides to forget about the laws and protect someone with his life. This is the step he took where he finally makes a difference. He does not want to live for anything else but his wife and Analise. He wants everything in the past changed by helping someone like Analise whose life is jeopardized.

Thereupon, August has lost all of his supplies and livestock, but he does not feel any bitterness or remorse for his lost material possessions. Instead he feels a great sense of moral gratification for risking everything he valued to help another human being. Having all of his supplies lost to help Analse makes him whole and be a completely different person. "I don't want to be only what I was."� This statement of his comes true in the end which lets him start a new life and never look back.

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