The Journals Of Lewis And Clark

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The Journals of Lewis and Clark are actual accounts taken from the text of their original journals. The accounts begin at the River Dubois near the mouth of the Missouri and end in St. Louis. They traveled to the Pacific Ocean and back. I found that even in the condensed form this is a very thorough account of their journey. Their observations of plants and or animals seen are so descriptive and detailed it is as if I were there. Measurements of distance and location were also as carefully documented.

It is amazing to me what these men as well as the woman and child endured. Their journey was filled with adversity , yet, by their accounts they forged on, mostly in good spirit. I would like to know what kind of person it would take to be that dedicated to endure these challenges. Some of the extremes were heat and freezing temperatures with inadequate clothing.

The moccasins they wore did not keep the prickly pears from poking through to their feet. They were at times near starvation, settling to eat roots, berries as well as dogs. Which in fact they did grow to like. They slept with fleas in their bedding and clothe and they were plagued with boils and abscesses. A small example of how stoic and strong was in one entry Clark had become very ill and only did twelve miles on that day. There are other examples that display the bravado of character. There are several entries where the men had fallen off of ledges or banks or their canoes overturned into the rivers. Close calls with several wild creatures such as bears and snakes. Through this all they endured.

I also found humor, mostly in the writings of Lewis. He tells of an adventure that...

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