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Michael Jordan was born in Brooklyn, New York, on February 17, 1963.

Soon after he was born, his parents decided to move their family to Wilmington, North Carolina.

Michael spent his childhood playing all the different sports with his friends.

None of the men in the Jordan family were over 6 feet 183 centimeters tall, so as a young boy Michael did not even think about becoming a basketball player, for a while he played a lot of basketball. When he was 12 years old, he was named the best baseball player in his league.

Jordan went to D.C. Virgo Junior High School in Wilmington when he was 13. By that time he was playing football, basketball, and baseball. He was a food all-around athlete. Michael always hated loosing said Fred Lynch who was Michael's coach in junior high and later an assistant coach where Michael went to high school.

That always made him work harder. He also had a great deal of support from his parents. They came to all the games and always found a way to praise him, no matter how the game ended. Michael was 5 feet 10 inches 176 centimeters tall when he entered Laney High School as a tenth grader in the fall of 1978. When he first went to Laney Michael was still playing three sports. He became the starting point guard with the JV basketball squad and had a food year. Michael began practicing as much as he could. He stated cutting classes to spend more time in the gym. Finally he was suspended from school. When he came back he did the same thing again and was suspended a second and after three suspensions, his father stepped in. James said Michael do you want to go to college, then he said yes James told him there was no way that was going to happen, not the way he was cutting classes. That woke Michael up. He stopped cutting classes and practice after school. The summer between his junior and senior years Michael went to the five star Basketball camp in Pittsburgh. Only the best high school players in the country were invited. As soon as Michael started playing, he amazed everyone. He still had another year of Laney High but people were already wondering which college he would attend. Michael visited the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and liked what he saw. He made his mind almost immediately. In the fall of 1981 he would go to University of North Carolina. He was one of the best in the country. Through out the years, the North Carolina team, called the tar Heels, had always won a lot of games. But the team had won the national championship only once. That was back in 1957. North Carolina's first game was against Kansas. Michael scored his team's first two points and played well. When the game ended, North Carolina had won 74-67, and Michael had 17 points. In his third game he scored more than 20 points for the first time. The Tar Heels went on to win their first ten games and were ranked as the numbered team in the country. In his pickup game with his new teammates, he shocked everyone by scored the winning basket on an incredible slam dunk over a 7-footer Geoff Compton. When he made his move. He rounds up going over two players and dunked. Michael remembered, when he came down to the floor he said to himself was that me. Michael collected a lot of trophies after his junior year season of 1983-1984. He was college basketball's player of the year for the second straight season and also won the Eastman Award, given to the top make collegiate Hooper. Before joining the Chicago Bulls Michael was part of the 1984, Michael signed a seven year contract with the Chicago Bulls that made him the third highest paid rookie in NBA history. He would prove he was worth every penny and more as he became a superstar from his first day as a pro. The 1990-1991 season was the year the Bulls finally reached the top. Led by Michael, Chicago marched through the first playoffs to win its first NBA championship. In second round action against the Philadelphia 76ers and faced the sorry Lakers in the NBA Finals in 1991. Then they beat the Portland Trial Blazers in the 1992 NBA finals. Also in 1993 they beat the Phoenix Suns in the NBA finals. Michael was the M.V.P for all three NBA finals. In the 94-95 season Jordan shocked the sports world by retiring from basketball to baseball. Michael was not the best baseball player, he was the sorriest one in baseball period, that wasn't what he was born for. Michael retired from baseball then rejoined the Bulls at the tail end of the 1994-1995 season. For several games he wore a new number 45. Before returning to number 23. In just his fifth game back he scored an amazing 55 points against the New York Nicks. After that they went to another three-peat. In 1996 they won the Seattle Supersonics. Then they won the Vath Jazz in the 1997 NBA title. Finally, in Michael Jordan last season he took them in the 1998 NBA finals. Also Michael Jordan was the NBA's M.V. P. After that he retired from basketball.

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