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John F. Kennedy John F. Kennedy was our 35th president. Although he did not serve a full term he was considered one of the most popular presidents ever. Kennedy's enduring legacy was not the myth of Camelot or his tragic death but the Vietnam War, and the three great speeches of his presidency. His three most famous speeches were his, Inaugural Speech, Commencement Address, at American University, and Ich Bin Ein Berliner Speech of Berlin.

Before Kennedy became President he was the skipper Lieutenant Junior Grade of the PT 109 in World War II. In August of 1943 the Japanese split the PT 109 in a cowardly act. Heroically Kennedy swam for hours looking for help and eventually found it on an island. He saved all but two of his men, whom were killed on impact.

Another feat "JFK" concurred before his presidency was writing. He wrote a book called Profiles in Courage when he became ill as senator in 1955.

People said it brought out his admiration for forceful political figures. This book won the 1957 Pulitzer Prize.

John's presidency was a short but successful one. On the first of March in 1961 Kennedy signed the Peace Corps. This document was signed to ensure freedom throughout the world. The Peace Corps was part of what John called the "New Frontier". Along with the treaty came what some consider the best speech of his career. On June tenth 1963 Kennedy made no promises and no threats but instead he called for world peace, the kind of peace that would make life on earth worth living. He called for the stop of nuclear weapons use and for the Soviet Union to make peace with us. Just two short months after the speech the nuclear weapons treaty was signed.

On November...

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