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Have you ever played a game that everyone said you will not be any good or you will not amount to anything? Did you show all the people that they were wrong and become one of the best? That is what Joe Montana did. He had a humble start for becoming one of the best in the game of football (Walsh 1995). He was not was not expected to do well, he was to big a risk. The 49ers took a chance and drafted him. When he became the starter they were glad they drafted him. After he retired he left a big mark on the game of football in his collage and pro years and made it in the record book several times.

Joe Montana was born June 11, 1956 in New Eagle. He moved to Monogahela in Western Pennsylvania and was raised there. As a kid played basketball with the Monogahela peanut league All-stars.

He also played football with the Monogahela Pop Warner little Wild Cats. In high school when he was a freshman he was the seventh-string quarterback on varsity barley but it was varsity. He finely made the starting quarterback in his senior year. When he graduated high school he nearly accepted a basketball scholarship to the North Carolina University. He decided to go to the Notre Dame because of its good football team. Joe got his first chance to play after starter Slager got hurt in the third game. Joe completed six out of eleven passes for eighty yards until Slager came back. As a sophomore he twice led Notre Dame bake from forth-quarter deficits for improbable wins. His signature quickly became impossible, get-serious, did-you-hear-what-happened-after-we-left comeback (Slager 1978) Joe was the 82nd pick in the third round. He was not supposed to do well. When...

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