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There is one thing that politics will always need and is starving for. That is honesty. Not only do we need it, but we deserve it. Most politicians tell us what we want to hear not what they think. All that we need to hear is the truth. Sure is may hurt and we may cringe when we hear it said. But honesty demands respect. Who will take this stand? Is is Bush or Gore. No this man is known as Gov. Ventura.

Some may say he is nothing but a circus act. I dare you to give him a chance. You will be more than impressed. You see Gov. Ventura has a unique approach to politics and life. Be honest. He does not prepare for speaches because he does not have to. If someone asks him a question he simply tells them what he thinks. Is that such a tough thing to do.

Many people say no. Then look in the mirror and ask why not give the guy a chance.

Ventura has a high school diploma and something that is more important than any education. That is the will to express what he feels. How many times do you see yourself yelling at the TV. Then when presented at the chance to voice your opinion you are nowhere to be found. A quote from Ventura, "Stand up and make yourself a target and be heard." The voice of america is there it just needs to stand up and shout. Wveryone has an opionon, now use it.

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