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Jcmf's believe it or not!! Cmf meetings in the troy high parking lot about a year ago. Football season had just started; parties were on the go. Cmf as they always would do paint for the home team. Wow did I look up to theses kids I mean they had girls dip reeb"¦ God they really had it all. I would think to myself, as a young on/ta/per/newer. So one game well seems like a new beginning, some call it Jcmf. But Cmf down painters its about 20 degrees out side and the game is against Athens. So being the young boy looking for my turn to tryout for the cmf, steeped up and volunteered to paint. I did well but it seemed like everything I did was jr. size. Like from my dips to my girls. It was like not good enough for cmf but good for like a jcmf so then it started dave, danny and I began the junior cocky mother fu*kers.

But being a short 3 people in fights would not cut it. we needed 2 more members. So we set out looking. We found a boy named Brandon. He could dip, liked top and loved reeb. We let him in to the jcmf. We knighted and went off looking for a reeber and a wolb. We found pat a young Stalin that could fight and win. We let him in. we have two backups peter and ben and that's how we began. So believe it or not? Well believe it b/c it true!!!!!!!!

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