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"The Jewish nation will have an impact that will not be shortly forgotten!" This is a quote directly from the Bible. It reflects and explains the events that have been unraveling themselves in the Middle East lately. Israel is a nation in turmoil because of its history since 1948 and its current conflicts which both trace back to Biblical connections.

Although it has been its most recent history that has caused the most impact, conflicts in Israel started long ago. Israel is a small country on the Eastern Shore of the Mediterranean Sea in southwestern Asia. It is bounded by Lebanon on the north, Syria on the northeast, Jordan to the east and southeast, to the southwest by Egypt and to the west by the Mediterranean Sea. Israel fell to the Romans in 63 BC. Around 135 AD the Romans forced the Jewish inhabitants of Israel to leave. Then they named the area Palestine.

After this the Jews were scattered all over the world.

In recent years, however, the nation of Israel rose again. Following the United Nation's Partition of Palestine, Israel emerged as a sovereign country on May 15, 1948. It was established as a homeland for Jews from all over the world. It was the first Jewish nation to be established in nearly two thousand years. The Jews had attempted to reclaim their land earlier but the Arab population in Palestine was always larger than the Jewish population and didn't allow them to do so. It wasn't until the time of the Holocaust that that enough Jewish refugees fled to Palestine to raise the population to 57% Jewish and 43% Arab. With that the Jewish people along with the United Nations signed the Partition of Palestine giving Israel full recognition as a new country.

Jerusalem, one of the...

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