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Types of Interpersonal Communication Interpersonal communication is an important part aspect of people's lives. There are four different types. They are: one-to-one communication, group discussion, public communication, and mass communication.

First, one type of interpersonal communication is one-to-one communication. One-to-one communication only involves two people. One example would be two people talking on the phone. Another example would be two people discussing their plans for the day. Of course one- to-one communication doesn't have to be verbal; it can be non-verbal. An example of this would be a basketball player giving his or her teammate a high five after a game they won. One-to-one communication is probably one of the most widely used forms of communication.

Second, another form of interpersonal communication is group discussion. Group discussion is another widely used form of communication. Unlike one-to-one communication, group discussion involves more than two people. A group discussion usually involves about 3-15 people.

A group discussion is a group of people who have come together for a common cause or purpose. An example of group discussion would be an F.F.A. meeting to discus their budget.

Another example would be a Homecoming meeting to discus a theme.

A third type of interpersonal communication is public communication. Public communication usually involves a lot of people. Having a speaker is crucial in public communication. The speaker is the only one who should be talking in public communication.

Usually, the speaker has a certain cause or concern that he or she talk about. An example would be going to see a play (drama).

Fourth, a final type of interpersonal communication is mass communication. Mass communication can include any number of people. With mass communication, the speaker is not present. Mass communication can be turned on or off. Mass communication can take many...

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