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Internet Taxation and Postage for E-mail For the past few years the Internet has grown tremendously. People that once swore they would never own a computer are buying top of the line machines in order to surf the web. For once the average American can have their own web site, where they can voice their opinion about a topic, inform people how to cheat in video games, publish information on a topic affecting everyone, and sell some products that only a select few would ever want to buy. For many years now, the Americans buying those products have not had to worry about taxes. Unfortunately, there are many people who want the buyers of those products to pay taxes on them. The customers disagree. They like the idea of not paying taxes on goods they buy on the Internet. This disagreement in opinions has led to the controversy over whether the local and state governments should collect taxes on items bought over the Internet.

The Internet needs a chance to grow and in order for it to do that it should not be taxed.

As most people know, the Internet has become a very hot place to buy just about anything. Big businesses, such as IBM and Compaq, and people hoping to strike it rich with their new product have started selling a variety of items on the Internet. These sales people have not had to worry about charging any type of tax, state or local, and therefore, consumers have not had to pay any tax on their purchases. However, if people like Utah Governor Mike Leavitt get their way, products sold on the Internet will be taxed. His worry is that once people learn that it is less expensive to buy products on the Internet, states will lose revenue.

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