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To Inform Specific Purpose: Insomnia- A sleeping disorder Insomnia (Introduction) Capture I. Have you ever spent your nights tossing and turning, wondering if you'll get any sleep.

A. Do you have difficulty falling asleep? B. Do you wake up in the middle of the night and have difficulty falling back asleep? Motivate II. Each of you could have a better night sleep.

A. You will feel charged physically and mentally.

B. Its proven by study that pro. Athletes perform better with a good nights rest.

C. You'll be less irratable, depressed, and moody.

D. You'll be able to focus.

Assert III. There are many ways for you to get a better nights sleep.

Preview IV. I will discuss ways for you to be able fall asleep and stay that way.

A. Drink a warm glass of milk.

B. Take a hot bath.

C. If you can't sleep do something nonphysical (Body) Point I.

Drinking a warm glass of milk is the most common.

A. Get a 8 ounce glass and fill it with milk, and then microwave B. The calcium in the milk goes straight to the nerve endings C. The nerve endings then relax causing the body to relax as well Point II. Taking a hot bath is the less difficult one.

A. Fill a bath full of hot water and put 1 cup of baking soda, or epsom salt in the tub B. The hot water and the weightlessness of water slows the heartbeat, as well as the rate of breathing C. The baking soda and the epsom salt relax the muscles causing the body to become drowsy Point III. Doing something nonphysical doesn't cost anything.

A. If not sleeping get up and go watch t.v.

B. Doing something nonphysical causes the the blood flow to slow down causing drowsiness C. The eyes become tired from staring, in which in return become heavy making you go to sleep (Conclusion) Action I. Use these methods everyday.

A. You will sleep better B. You'll feel good about your self C. You wont have to suffer from insomnia every night " Greg Thompson," Insomnia, The Common Company, 1993, pgs. 76-80 " Henry Tyler," Sleeping Disorders, The B.L. and H.R. Company, 1995, pgs. 23-25

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