Inherit The Wind

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The quote "He that troubleth his own house, Shall Inherit the Wind." It is in the book "Inherit the Wind. There were some examples to support the explanation of this quote. Some characters have "inherited the wind" This quote basically means that if you cause a problem you will have to receive consequences. Brady said this about Cates because; he's the one who teaches evolution to his class. He was breaking the law and was sent to the police station. So his consequence was that he had to go to court and get a sentence to jail or whatever the judge decides. Obviously he did get his consequence because he was fined $100. This was kind of just teaching a wrong subject at the wrong time. There was probably another teacher teaching, the same exact subject, at the same time, but he/she didn't get caught.

Another example is how Brady ate a lot of food.

He ate chicken even while the court was in session. He pretty much was out of shape, so he wasn't very healthy. He also had to be careful when it was real hot, cause something bad could happen. Well at the end of the play he got stressed out and he had a sudden heart attack and was pronounced dead. So the problem was that he wasn't healthy, and couldn't control any of his stress.

So this is basically what this quote means, so if you have a problem, or cause one, there are going to be some consequences to that problem.

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