The Indus River Civilization

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The Indus River Civilization During my months of excavation, I have discovered what appears to be an ancient city. I have uncovered several strange findings. My thesis is that the Indus River Civilization existed peacefully, focusing itself on agricultural and communicational advancements, not militaristic ones. They fell to a more violent culture and lay buried until six months ago. Reasons for these rationalizations will be found below.

Of my findings, there have been considerable amounts of evidence supporting my thesis. I discovered a brick with a cat's paw-print and a dog's overlapping. This leads me to believe that the Indus worshipped a cat-god and a dog-god. The brick may have been the center of the worship. Another piece of evidence came in the uncovering of what appeared to be a storage building that contained small traces of wheat and barley, probably the surplus of the city. The jewelry that lay around the storage house contained gems that could not be found by the Indus River. This, along with the clay squares of Indus writing found over a thousand miles away, leads me to my resolution that the culture encouraged pilgrimages. I believe (as I said above) the city collapsed from a war, or maybe a single battle. Better armed forces stormed the city, killing everyone and stacking the dead bodies at the top of the highest building. There lay the masses of skeletons I found, some with their skulls split open. I therefore reason the invaders owned axes.

In conclusion, I believe the Indus River Civilization worshipped the cat and the dog. They also had a surplus of food and found a way to store it for later use. I believe that this civilization had its wanderers/merchants, bringing gems from other parts of India back and spreading their culture as well. Finally, I think that the city crumbled as a result of a war. They lived as a semi-advanced civilization but stayed too peaceful for their own good.

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