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My Day as an Indian Pretty Colors, different sizes of feathers, and different fur textures makes the costumes look elegant.

The different purples and greens on my costumes look very nice.

As midnight Mist makes her way to the circle, I stand waiting for my turn. Most of the other people were already in the circle doing their different dances. The sun shined upon the colors of the different costumes. It was very beautiful.

When the announcers called out for The Eclipses, we headed for the circle. They checked our numbers and sent us on our way. I look at the crowds and seen so many people. It seemed as though they were all looking at me. I looked back at them and stopped walking. I looked around to see if everyone was looking at me. And they really were.

I looked down at my feet to figure out what dance to do.

Running' Le Le was way head of me. Midnight Mist was almost around the circle. So I started to move my feet. Then all of sudden, I shook off my fear and joined the crowd. When people seen my dance, they hoped out of the stands and followed me. They looked like was really enjoying my dance.

Running' Le Le came towards me and looked at the rest of the Eclipses. I guessed they decided to do the same rain dance like me. So we formed a line and did the dance. The crowd of people came and made a circle around us.

Later on, after the dance, I headed towards my tent to undress. I cleaned up the tent, and went back out to the dance circle. I stood in the middle and did my rain dance again. I though it was kind of fun, so,

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