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I disagree with the Indiana seat belt law for four major reasons. The first is it is too inconsistent and seems to give exceptions for any reason. The second reasons is that a officer doesn't have to prove probable cause and they don't have to show guilt with out a shadow of a doubt to convict you. Third, I feel it takes away person freedoms. It also is inconsistent with other Indiana laws, I.E. the lack of a law regarding wearing helmets on a motorcycle in the state of Indiana.

The Indiana seat belt law states that anyone riding in a motor vehicle must wear a safety belt. The law was designed to save lives, which I admit it does, but it also gives exceptions to all sorts of vehicles and people. For instance why should someone in a Taxi Cab not have to wear a seatbelt? Or why should a police officer that is bound to uphold the law not have to wear a seatbelt? Or even better yet why should the officials who created this law not have to wear a seatbelt? The seat belt law gives exceptions to school buses, these buses are full of children the same children these laws where put in to effect to protect.

Not only does it give exceptions to them but they also give exceptions to rental cars, ambulances, out of state vehicles, public buses, youth groups, postal workers, paperboys, antique motor vehicles, and trucks.

Some of these exceptions may be legitimate but the thing that upsets me most about the law is that is you own a Van, Suv, or a Station Wagon, you can go to the bureau of motor vehicles pay eight dollars, and you can get your vehicle registered as a truck and not have to...

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