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Independent Woman I was always being compared to my older sisters. My parents were always saying, "Why can't you be more like Amy and Katie? You're going to turn out just like Julie, the bad child." Of course Julie was not a bad child in my eyes, but my parents' eyes were different. Amy and Katie were the oldest and they were the perfect children, but Julie and I were the bad children. They always did everything right and we always did everything wrong. Growing up, I was always expected to act a certain way. I was supposed to be the perfect little angel my parents wanted me to be. So when I rebelled, because I am extremely independent, my parents got worse. I always thought that I should make my own decisions and mistakes, but of course that never happened.

I spent most of my junior high and high school years being grounded because I thought that I should get to make my own decisions (not my parents).

When I was in eighth grade I started smoking cigarettes. It's my body and I enjoy smoking. It should be up to me to make that decision. My parents didn't think the same. They have tried every tactic over the years to get me to quit. My father still to this day will mail me stuff that he gets off the Internet telling me how I am going to die at an early age. It's my life. If I want to die early, it's none of my father's business.

In tenth grade I got my license and my sister gave me her old wrecked Mazda Protégé. I was so excited that day. I woke up at eight o' clock to go to the DMV. This was the day that I...

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