The Impacts Of World Population Growth

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The Impacts of World Population Growth The world is currently accommodating six point five billion people and that number continues to increase on a daily basis. The problem with such a high number of inhabitants is and will continue to be the threat to the earth and all the people that are living on it. The population continues to grow and with that comes our desire for more and others fear of receiving less. With more people comes more waste and with that comes a considerable strain on our environment. If more people continue to use items that cause pollution we could be looking at a very grey future with a very small if not extinct ozone layer. With the increase of technology comes the increase of greed. People will see more and want more and will begin to fight as hard as they can to come out on top, therefore increasing the already present hate and resentment among the human race.

The greatest and most frightening problem with the growth of the population is the third world. The people that live there are already hungry and already homeless there is a very unlikely chance that they will ever come close to catching up with the rest of the world and will always find themselves getting poorer as the rich get richer. The world could be capable of inhabiting everyone more comfortably but the people have chosen to take a different possibly more selfish route, that now leaves the world in a state of chaos and uncertainty, maybe people are getting to big for the world.

Every ten seconds the world becomes home to another twenty seven people, and those people will create waste and cause pollution. The world has now become a place that in some areas every...

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