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inxor not only did i dis you but i dissed JUST ABOUT everyone who comes to this board as of now i am so sick of the lamer flame that i don't want to even hang out in the xgamers irc channel anymore.. its nothing against the guys that no stuff.. just you newbs are too fucking annoying for my likeings.. i guess i have got to that age where the immaturaty and ignorance of others becomes more visable than before.. yes i understand that there is always going to be newbs and i was a newb once.. but the way we went about things in those days we different. we had respect for those who were above us in knowledge you people do not.. you expect give give give teach teach teach but don't give 2 shits about anything but leaching off of the ones who have spent time going up in the ranks and teaching them selves things.

as of now i am so sick of newbs that i will never release anything i ever code also i password protect everything and say what you want talk the shit you want about me because guess what i don't care and i have no fucking clue why i am even spending the time now to write this. things aren't going to change by the actions or words i say they will only get worse becuase i now see in the direction this community of haxors or crackers or whatever you want to think you are but will never be. becuase computers are cool now, people that are actually something in this rl world that they have come on and disrespect others thinking they are all mighty and 31337 well i have news for you kids, you all are and will start lame and never becomse what the word elite use to be. not only has the word "hacker" changed over the years but i have now come to realize that the word "elite" has been changed to mean newbish fucking code stealing poser fag.. and if you are sitting there reading this saying "he is a homo blah blah he doesn't know shit blah blah" then guess what you just proved my point..

Kids the disrespect you show towards me chaz slick leper(he fooled me the other day makeing himself look like one of you kids) and furthermore anyone else who ever made the community that you take for granted today needs to stop but it won't and thats why a lot of them are leaving this community..

also and furthermore i can prove that you kids are nothing more than some lackey fucking leaching assholes by the fact that you all come here saying i want 31337 cheats but you never take the time to know the people on irc or icq or whatever that put hours apon hours makeing these programs for you for free.. if i had it my way i would take every fucking cent from you newbish fags for anything i coded and you know what i know you would pay it and i garuntee 1/2 of you use AOL to talk to your friends after school.. this is a long ass post i must be very bored anyways let me point you to some people that i have the most respect for out of anyone in this community becuase they are the true hackers something I and everyone on this board will never be.. that is no insult its fact. these guys are the founding fathers in my book of what real eliteness is..

Click here if you are remotely intrested! and with that i am going to sleep and this will probly be my last post to this board becuase well it doesn't matter nor do i owe you homos any explanation. so with that goodbye and good ridence.

P.S. you should know if i am speaking to you so don't post saying WTF Talex i thought you and me were cool, becuase you know what we are and this post isn't directed towards you for any reason. but probly by now you have stoped looking at this board. and lastly all you kids who "worship [myg0t]g0d, i feel pitty for you, he is just a normal guy with some knowledge and he portrays himself to you all as being Almighty guess what he == same as you and me, at a computer with a keyboard and monitor nothing special about him. g0d that is nor was not an insult towards you or whatnot it was more towards your followers.. i never understood why anyone wouldn't want to be there own person but i guess that just shows you how weak you people are. i have been on irc in myg0ts channels and seen the following he gets i know this to be true.

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