If The Teacher Be Corrupt, The World Be Corrupt

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There are many corrupt people living in the world today. We have seen this through their actions, especially in the last two weeks. Can we blame them? Is it truly their fault? Maybe it's just the way they were brought up. Myself, like many others, have been taught the ways of Christianity, since I was born. My morals and values were established in me at a very young age. I feel I am this way, because of the way I was raised.

Other people, however, were not so lucky. It might have been their parents or the societies they were raised in. Either way they were taught entirely different moral beliefs. What we see as terrible and traumatizing, they do not. They see it as a holy act, for to them we are Satanic in some shape or form. Everything we represent, they are taught is evil, from the day they are born.

"If the teacher be corrupt, the world be corrupt," a Persian proverb, helps explain my beliefs. It is very difficult to revolt against everything you were ever taught. Yet, throughout history we have seen this happen. A certain measure of blame should be placed on those who carry out these violent and immoral acts, but we cannot forget that they are a product of a corrupt upbringing.

Keep in mind, that it is not ethnic groups, but radicals among these people. A large percentage of convicts have had a very poor childhood or upbringing. These terrorists are in the same category. You are prone to believe what you are taught, for if you weren't, there would be no need for education. As long as the radical beliefs that influence these terrorists that carry out these violent acts are around, there will always be a threat.

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