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"Shaping My Identity" My Identity As a precedent of my ancestors, my existence would not be here if it wasn't not only for the wars, but the significant of my ancestors in them. Sure, without the Revolutionary War we all probably wouldn't be here, but a few of my ancestors have impacted the war like I wouldn't have imagined. I was watching the Patriot with my mother whom I interviewed that said one of the Continental Generals' was part of me, plus one also had fought for this army. The General was actually a huge importance for the rebels, and many respected him. I was also so inspired by this because it was actually something my grandmother's husband studied constantly. He is not alive, but my mother said that he had a library of books in which I wasn't able to reach either. The other man who fought as a soldier was really similar to the character Mel Gibson played.

He had the same characteristics and pasts as Mel played. Such as the fact that he had fought in the Indian and Revolutionary Wars like Mel Gibson.

The general that I researched was Nathaniel Green and it was just so amazing that someone so great was part of my family. He was known for his incredibly great battle plans and also for finding ways out of when he was cornered. The reason why my grandmother's husband researched him so much is because he had fought in WW2, so he knew what war was like. My grandmother's husband also was a historian so he had studied people before. Nathaniel is a popular General that served in 1775-1783, so he played an important role for a lot of years in the war. He had a family of 7 and it...

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