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The Downfall Named "Howard" Today's society is not the same society in which many of our parents and grandparents were raised. Many people in media have decaying influences on the people of today. A symbol and example of this decay is represented by the self proclaimed "Media King," Howard Stern. Howard Stern has displayed the degradation of many societal groups. Women are exploited by Howard Stern's stereotypes on a daily basis. Stern's sick sense of humor also corrupts the future of the world, the youth. Finally, Howard Stern is ruthless when it comes to the inequality of minorities. Howard Stern's shamming sense of humor is one of the many examples in today's society of the exploitation and corruption of women, youth and minorities.

Howard Stern demoralizes women on a daily basis. Each week on his show, Stern encourages women to parade around in less then suitable, revealing clothing.

This is a disgusting distasteful display for nothing more than Stern's profit. Walking around in a piece of clothing barely covering the most private parts of a woman's body is hardly appropriate. Stern allows these women to prance around to increase his ratings among his sadly voyeuristic audience. Howard Stern is an indecent human being. Why is Stern allowed to get away with these actions? The answer lies within the viewers. The viewers are morally no better than Howard Stern himself. As long as viewers continue to tune in each week, Howard Stern will continue to push the envelope and try new "shock" value ideas. As long as the envelope is continually pushed, women will continue to be a main target of Howard Stern.

Howard Stern's main target audience is the youth in our society who are easily influenced by immoral and unethical acts. Why does Stern's "shock" value appeal to children? Adolescence is a time in which many young people, struggling for a sense of interdependence, rebel against individuals and institutions that set limits or boundaries on behaviour. Many children naturally rebel against their parent's demands. One way to do so is by applauding and emulating actions that their parents oppose. This, however, is not just a matter of children disobeying their parents. In the act of rejecting parental values and ideals the children adopt degrading and distasteful images and thoughts. Appearances by porn stars, drug addicts and racists, all found on the "Howard Stern Show," are hardly positive influences on the lives of children. Howard Stern is an indecent human being. Today's youth could grow up into the adult images of people like Howard Stern. Could anything be less desirable? Stern's degradation of minorities is the most sinister of all his acts of immorality. Picking on people with less power and status in society is nothing more than a cowardly act against helpless human beings. Stern exploits people of colour, gays and mentally and physically handicapped people in activities such as spotlights on people with Down syndrome and less than orderly debates between homophobics and homosexuals. Howard Stern is an indecent human being. In many ways, Stern's ruthless attacks against their "special needs" is murder. It is murder in the sense that Stern kills the spirit of minorities. Killing these peoples' self-respect and self-esteem is as fatal to their sense of self-worth than taking their actual lives. Stern feels anyone different than he is inferior. Through these attacks on minorities Howard Stern reinforces his own self-importance at the expense of the minorities' pride. This is the lowest of all lows. Howard Stern is an indecent human being. As far as I am concerned, attacking someone who is different or less fortunate than you is the basest and most immoral act in which anyone can take part.

The moral degradation of women, youth and minorities are some of the many examples in today's society of exploitation by corruptive forces such as Howard Stern's shamming sense of humor. Women are constantly battered and humiliated on live air by Stern. Also, Howard Stern influences today's youth in a negative fashion by his evil sense of humor. Finally, minorities are reminded of the world's harsh prejudices through the morally sinful Howard Stern. Perhaps if Howard Stern was raised with proper moral guidance he would not have such a negative influence on today's society.

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