The House On Mango Street

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The House on Mango Street is a book about a young girl, Esperanza. The story begins in the early stages of her life, when she is a young maturing woman. Her family is a very poor family who moves into a red house, which is in very poor condition. The house is located in Chicago, on Mango Street. The house although is in terrible conditions, it gives the family more space and allows each member of the household to be more independent. The novel covers the life of Esperanza and some of her friends as they go through life and telling us their experiences. A few experiences that Esperanza and her friends experienced is rap when a man violates Esperanza. Also friendship because her and her friends are really closes and they are the only friends that they have to survive. And quit a few people die in this novel, which makes it hard for some of the characters.

Esperanza goes threw many events that a lot of us go through now. She begins to write poetry as a way to get away from life. As the novel goes on, her friends move away and have children. Back on Mango Street, Esperanza's family suffers through poverty and death. Living on Mango Street is more than a usual house, it became an important part of Esperanza's life and it always will be.

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