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The Hopi Native-Americans Hopi, meaning "The Peaceful People"� or "The Peaceful Little Ones"� is what these Native-Americans are known for and is their trademark. The Hopi Indians lifestyle consists of their beliefs, traditions that they perform, and their differences to today`s culture.

The Hopi Indians believe in things that are precious and dear to them and the way they live their life. The people of the southwest had full-time leaders with shrines or temple buildings. Most Native-Americans believe that in the universe exist an Almighty, a spiritual force that is the source of life. The Almighty is not considered a man in the sky, but it is believed to not have a form and lives all over the universe. Our sun is viewed to them as a power of the Almighty. They do not worship the sun, but they prey to the Almighty, and the sun is a symbol or sign of that.

They also believe that the soul of the dead goes to another part of the universe and have another existence and live as if they were alive. The religious and ceremonial life of the Hopi takes place in a room that they call the kiva. Mostly men and boys only attend this ceremony and is like a membership and a privilege. They believe that their geography has pathways, which are guides for the warriors. Also the formations of the eastern United States are believed to be created by their ancestors. They also believe in Kachinas, which are carved dolls that they believe to be the gods. They are known to actually come down to earth and help the Native-Americans take care of their fields and give them some insight about agriculture, and law and government. They actually interacted with the people. They believe in maps that have been drawn and that they exist in the center of the earth or the Turtle Island. They also believe in the Achivas, which are the sacred places to honor the earth. These places, to them, were created by the people who dived into to the earth where they did their most sacred work. The place where they dived into was the center of the earth and they were to be known as the Ant People. Through this, the beliefs of the Hopi Indians are very different to those things that most people believe in.

The traditions that they perform and are known for is what make them be different form any other tribe. When a couple gets married the wife has to grind corn at the future husbands to show that she has wife skills to perform to her husband. The male and his other male relatives have to help him create the brides wedding outfit. When the bride receives her outfit she has to walk home wearing one outfit and the other enclosed in a container. Also when the married women would die she would be buried in her wedding dress. On their wedding day the male would have to wear many necklaces. They did this so that when they enter the spirit world they would be dressed appropriately. They do what is called the "Snake Dance"� and this dance is performed to honor all that is around them. They danced with rattle snakes that are first watched by the children, but they seem not to harm them. They danced with these snakes in their mouth. This was a very dangerous tradition. It took them two weeks to prepare, to do everything just right. The clothes that they wore depended on what they did. Since they were in a hot climate they wore very little clothes. Their eating habits were first to hunt the buffalo until they became extinct. The things that they did are also different to those things that people today practice.

The way we do things and the things that we believe in, are very different to those traditions and beliefs of the Hopi Indians. We believe in god and they believe in the Almighty which is represented by the sun. We actually have resources that say our god existed. The way we wed is also different in what they do. We marry by church and the groom cannot see the bride the day of the wedding as opposed to the Hopi. We also have a variety of things that we do and eat and wear. They were very limited to the things they had and the things they could do.

In conclusion, the Hopi Native-Americans lifestyle consists of their beliefs, traditions they performed, and their differences are different to today`s life. Everyone has a right to believe in what they want and that is something so great that we have an opportunity to do.

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