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All About Me Throughout my life I have gone through a number of changes. When I was a young boy I remember always trying to start trouble. I would make my sister upset by hanging around her and being annoying. When she screamed for mom I would usually manage to turn the blame around. She complained about me, but I made it seem that my sister was the one causing the trouble. She would get grounded for the day, and I would rub it in her face. I was not always that sly though. I averaged a spanking once a day. I can not remember what they were for, but I am sure I deserved them. Those were my rowdy days. I was not afraid to say anything to anybody. Over the years I became less and less of an outgoing person, and more of a shy, quiet person. When I am talking to somebody I do not know what to say.

When I find the courage to talk, it makes no sense at all. I can be very loud and talkative, but that is only when I am with friends that I know well.

I have never been a good speaker or great at making friends, but I do believe that a great strength about me is athleticism. I love playing basketball or any other type of sport.

It has always given me joy when I can not find happiness. When I move to a new city, and do not have many friends, I rely on basketball to for fun. I think of myself as being an overall athlete. I have always been successful at whatever sport I have played. Since I am not a social person, I make some of my best friends through sports.

A weakness is...

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