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Hockey Hockey is a game of mental and physical decisions. When to pass, when not to take a penalty, and when to knock some ones helmet off are all important aspects of the game. In this paper I'm going to focus on how to prepare yourself for a game, how to keep your head on straight in the heat of the game, and some suggestions on keeping your skills up.

Preparation for a game is one of the biggest parts to playing your best. What you eat, when you go to sleep the night before, and what you do during the day all contribute to your playing ability for the day. Foods like pasta with high carbohydrate levels are a good source of energy. It's a good thing to eat the night before your game. No ones likes yawning on the bench, so get a good nights sleep (I recommend at least 6 hours).

When you have a big game, its not a good idea to run a marathon an hour before your game. Don't do anything to active, but don't just sit around either.

In the heat of a game, a hard slash across the arm can trigger a retaliatory crosscheck to the head (I know this from experience). You need to be able to keep your head. I recommend acting. When you get cheapshotted, don't try and dramatize it too much, but don't ignore it either. If you notice your getting hacked at the whole game, skate through it the first few times to show the referee that you are a good player and you just ignore it. After a while, take a dive. It might now always work, because referees know this trick as well. But it's worth a shot.

A rusty hockey player equals a benched hockey player. And no one likes being to team water boy. So, keep your skills sharp and intact all the time. While sitting in school during that boring science movie, instead of falling asleep wadd up a small piece of paper, get out a pen, and try and stick handle. Keep your head up and watch the movie while having your pen in your periferal vision. Another tip is to take up a hobby that you need to have accuracy for, like darts or golf. This will help you with your shot. And tell the school bully that he's ugly and his mother dresses him funny. Learn to stick up for yourself, and keep making fun of him until you beat him! There you have it, folks, the easy way to be a hockey superstar.

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