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Distressed, she walked across the room and put her hands into tightly wound fists. "Damn you! You must be stupid you know that? Really stupid!" Little Layla cowered in the corner and wailed loudly.

"Don't cry, baby" her Mother screamed. "I will give you something to cry about!" She wiped the tears off her cheeks with the back of her hand and breathed in pockets of air in small gulps.

"Layla? Are you paying attention, Layla?" The teacher asked.

"Huh?" Layla mumbled, staring blankly at the teacher. "Oh I am sorry Mrs. McDowell, my mind is-" "Well now, I don't mind if you drift off, just not in my class, alright? Now please pay attention Layla, this will be on your test tomorrow and I do not want you to fail it." "Yes ma'am." Layla put her face in the palms of her hands and prayed the day wouldn't end.

"When are you going to listen to me for once?" Her Mother screamed at her, holding the book threateningly over Layla's little head.

"Mom I swear I was about to clean my room but I can't do my homework at the same time and-" "Don't back talk to me young lady, we aren't through yet!" Layla sighed and thought to herself, "˜when will it all end?' "Layla! Oh gosh! What happened to your eye?" Layla looked down at the concrete and shuffled her foot, solemnly shifting it back and forth moving the dirt in neat rows.

"Nothing." She mumbled.

"No Layla" Lita said, "something's up." "I agree" said Jennifer. "What happened?" "Nothing I said, just drop it." Layla ran to the fence by the playground, sat down and cried. It was hopeless at this point.

"Oh Layla" Mrs. McDowell said, patting Layla's head. "Don't cry honey, tell me what happened." Layla whimpered softly and slowly raised her head and Mrs. McDowell saw her black eye. "Oh dear, come with me to the classroom and tell me what happened." Layla obediently went with the teacher to the classroom and promptly sat down at her desk and the teacher crouched beside her.

"Layla, tell me what happened. I need to know." "Nothing happened." Layla mumbled, an all-too-familiar phrase and tone. "Nothing." "Did your Mom do this to you?" "Don't talk to me like I'm a third-grader." Mrs. McDowell stood up and sat in the seat in front of Layla.

"I'm sorry. I do need to know what happened." "I can't say" she said automatically. "No one can know." "I have to." Mrs. McDowell said. "So I can help." "No one can help." Layla said before putting her head down on the desk between her folded arms. "Nobody can." "Ma'am" said the social worker, "we need to speak with you briefly about your daughter, Layla. I won't take but a moment of your time." "Of course" said Hanna. "No trouble at all" she said, a pleasant tone for a surprise visitor.

"Layla, you talked to them. You told them what happened. What was wrong. I am going to hurt you." Hanna said in a monotone voice looking solemn and defiant at the same time.

"I had to, they pushed me, I couldn't get away..." Layla's voice trailed off before she became unconscious.

When Layla awoke, she was in a hospital and Mrs. McDowell was hovering above her, stroking her hair.

"It will be alright, Layla," she said in the most soothing of voices.

"Your Mother is going to be alright, she's being taken care of at the institute and I will make sure you will be alright too." Layla smiled and went back to sleep; willingly.

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