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Hitting a baseball is arguably the toughest athletic movement in sports. It takes great hand-eye coordination and other skills that cannot be taught. It may also be one of the most expressive forms of athletics. Take a look at a great hitter like Barry Bonds, he expresses himself in ways that others only wish they could. When he hits the ball he is releasing an emotion deep down inside that only can be expressed through tearing the cover off of the ball. Connecting with the ball on the sweet spot is like nothing else; no feeling can describe it. It takes years of dedication and work to get to a point where a hitter can be confident in what he does. But it all seems pointless at times because there is no way anyone will ever achieve perfection. The goal of every hitter is to be respected by his colleagues and opponents, just like every man and woman in this world.

All anybody wants is respect.

Seeing where the pitcher is throwing the ball one of the vital parts of being able to hit a baseball. Just how life throws you in awkward spots and always challenges you, a pitcher will do the same. He will throw you outside to try to get you to pop up, or he will bust you in to try and break your bat. He could even come with a curve ball. The hitter has to deal with what the pitcher throws and react accordingly. A pitcher will try to throw the hitter something he hasn't seen before to see how the hitter will respond to the test. This unpredictability is what makes hitting such a challenge.

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