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Hinduism The respective attitude of Hinduism towards other religions can best be understood in terms of philosophical basis. It has been explained to me earlier that ultimate reality is Brahman, or the spirit. In the relative universe, the highest manifestation of Brahman is the Personal God, which is worshiped under different forms in different religions, like Hindus, Moslems, and Christians.

The harmony of religions found the expression though experiences of Ramakrishna. In his sayings he had o lot of great ideas that made me think of what he really meant behind his words.

Ramakrishna's' main idea was that all religions were great. In the beginning of his speech, he says "One can reach God if one follows any of the paths with whole-hearted devotion. One may eat the cake with icing either straight or sidewise." What I think he means by that we are all calling on the same God, it might be presented to one religion in the different shapes then to other religion.

At the end the main goal is to recognize and unite with your true self (Atman) and the Brahman.

In his sayings he would try to show people that Hinduism is right and the best (it's the one he believes in) but other religions are right too. He showed goodwill and respect for other religions. One cannot establish the difference between a Moslem and a Hindu, or a Christian from a Jew, when they are absorbed in infinite spirit. One sees differences, but it's only from the lower level, at the end, all the differences disappear.

There are enough religions right now for people to hate one another, but there is not enough of the spirit to inspire people to love one another. It is not religion that is responsible for hatred and...

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