High School Vs. Middel School

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High school vs. Middle school High school is vary different from middle school being the fact that the students can drive and the school gets out a lot earlier then middle school. In most ways they're the same but in others they are very different.

Lunches are different in high school; we get 50 minutes instead of 20 so we don't have to swallow are food whole. The food is a lot better; we have a better selection then at middle school, buy the meaning of having more lunch lines to get more food. We have more time to spend with are friends and a lot more time to do are homework we should have done that night. The lunch room is more spread out and were allowed to eat out side unlike middle school we had to eat in a crammed lunch room with everyone else in are class.

The ladies are a lot better looking at high school then middle school and its even better that there are twice as many there so you got a better selection of whom you want to pimp. The people there form into more of groups and they become more selective in that way. The upper classmen act like they're all big but if you get cool with one you get cool with them all.

The schoolwork is supposed to get harder but it doesn't on account of my math class that's gotten a lot harder. But other then that all the classes are a lot easer then in middle school but one bad thing is that you cant really turn anything in late unless you got a cool teacher who allows it late.

Over all high school is a lot more fun then middle school we get a lot...

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