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Everyone knows that heroes are courageous, smart, strong, or does something great. Those are all qualities of a hero, but they are just qualities. A hero is someone who goes out of his or her way to do something for someone else. All the people that have lived and fought through wars are also heroes. Heroes don't have to be fast, strong, smart, etc. They are everyday people that walk amongst us.

A hero requires an intelligent mind to control the situation. General Patton was an intelligent general. He was one of the greatest generals in history. He used his wits to trick the enemy. The tactics used by General Patton were very skillful in a way that probably haven't ever been used. Patton used the enemy's advantages against themselves. It's hard to believe that someone could use an enemy's own spies against themselves. Heroes have to think quickly to understand what's going on around them.

Heroes need to do something courageous or be courageous to qualify for a hero. A man named Eugene Ganz fought for our country and his life in WWII. Not many people would do that at their own will. He risked his life for us to be free and have what we have today. Most Americans are patriotic and would have done the same. Eugene gave up his family to fight the war. Many people probably would be scared to leave their families but to Eugene it was something he had to do. These courageous people are the true patriots of our country.

Although most people think special people have to be heroes, they don't. Heroes walk amongst us everyday. This past week there was a tragedy in New York. Most people were thinking of war at this point when this happened. The good thing about what happened to the World Trade Center is how the people of our country came together to help out one another in the need of help. Literally everyone was helping; no one was just sitting around. This shows that when push comes to shove people help out when we need it most. Everyone and anyone that could've helped did help. Even though the outcome of New York was bad, it brought our nation back together as a whole.

There is a fine line that people don't understand that defines heroes. It's simply put that a hero is someone that helps another in need or just helps someone in general. To be a hero you don't have to pull someone out of a burning building, it could be you bought a candy bar for a little kid; heroes are always around us everywhere.

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