Here Follow Some Verse Upon The Burning Of OUr House, July 10, 1666

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Here Follow Some Verses upon the Burning of Our House, July 10, 1666 By Pearl Kim I was able to relate some of my thoughts and beliefs to this poem. I have always believed that no matter what amount of worldly treasures a person has, that won¡¯t get him/her to heaven. Therefore making worldly treasures plays an unimportant role in the journey of having an ¡°eternal life¡±. ¡°Farewell, my pelf, farewell my store.¡± (p. 70, line 52) This illustrates well of how the worldly materials aren¡¯t important in life. Anne Bradstreet illustrated a story, in this poem, of how her goods were burnt in a fire. ¡°Adieu, Adieu, all¡¯s vanity¡± (p. 70, line 36) I believe that this was meant to be a goodbye to the worldly treasures. Having said ¡°adieu¡± to the worldly treasures and finding no more comfort in the world, there was only one place to turn-God.

The poem finishes off by saying ¡°My hope and treasure lies above.¡± (p. 70, line 54) There is a verse in the Bible where it says, ¡° Where your treasure is, your heart will be also.¡± Before the fire took place, her heart was probably set on her worldly treasures, but losing the treasures, her heart turned somewhere else- somewhere above. When unpleasant experiences keep happening to one¡¯s life, some people might believe that that person has done something wrong, or that God is displeased with them. But prior to that, there are people who might believe that the unpleasant experiences are to test the faith. They might even believe that it¡¯s part of the journey on the way home - Heaven. In this poem, religion is a test, and also a journey. It is a test to see if after that fire, he/she still has faith, and it is a journey because at the end, his/her hope and treasures ends up lying above.

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