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FADE IN: EXT. CEMETARY - MORNING A string of Cadillacs and Lincolns line the roadway into the cemetary. A group of people in proper funeral attire circle around a grave. A preacher is reading scriptures.

DUNCAN KLINE stands somberly by his parents. The handsome twenty one year old is dressed in a black Ungaro suit. JUDY and JACK KLINE are holding on to each other weeping.

Silently, tears start to fall from Duncan's eyes.

He discreetly walks away, weaving through countless headstones and ending up behind a large oak tree.

He pulls a pack of Marlboro Lights out the inside pocket of his suit jacket and lights one up. Reaching back into the pocket, he brings out a clipped newspaper article.

Unfolding it, we see the headline reads...

LOCAL TEENAGER FOUND DEAD; APPARENT SUICIDE A picture of a young man somewhat resembling Duncan is displayed next to the article. The caption reads...

-DAVID KLINE- Tears begin to well up again.

INT. DOCTOR'S OFFICE - DAY Duncan is in a standard hospital gown lying on an examining table that is covered in butcher paper. A middle aged doctor is checking his heart rate.

Duncan's face carries a load, staring vacantly at the wall while the doctor continues.

INT. CONFERENCE ROOM - DAY Duncan is dressed in a sharp Tommy Hilfiger suit sitting at an enormous table in the conference room of an office. The windows reveal a spectacular view of downtown Dallas, TX.

Two business men sit at the other end of the table with a stack of files in front of them. A pitcher of water and a few glasses sit on the middle of the table.

One man picks up a folder and begins...

MAN Hello Duncan, my name is Jerry Delaney and this is Michael Weiskoff. We are very excited to have you in here at PSI.

Michael nods his head: "Yes". Duncan fights through his ambivalence.

DUNCAN I'm happy to be here.

JERRY Before we cut to the chase, we would like to congratulate you on your graduation. We also would like to give you our deepest condolences for the loss of your brother. We know you are going through some trying times right now and we appreciate you being here.

Duncan nods his head in response.

JERRY (CONT'D) We know you are being recruited heavily by other firms Duncan. Your transcripts from the University of Texas speak for themselves. You've had all the right internships and you've done great on the previous interviews.

Duncan shows no expression whatsoever. Michael leans into the table...

MICHAEL It is no secret that we want you here. We've proposed a package for you that I think you will find more than competitive. We even called your father and-- DUNCAN You called my father? Jerry and Michael exchange worried looks.

MICHAEL Well, he's a good friend of ours Duncan. He originally set up this interview and we wanted to fill him in on the good news.

DUNCAN I'm sorry I wasted your time.

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