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Smoking Ban by the MASTER for Prof J. Turtle Chapter 15 - Health Issues - the Smoking Ban Smoking is a major health problem. The dangers of smoking for smokers and non- smokers are clear, no one can avoid the health risk. The health risk is what concerns the general public and is the point of the question that surrounds this article. Should we continue to ban smoking in public places? I said continue, knowing that the City of Toronto has already started the ban in all restaurants in the city. The City of North York has banned smoking in all public places such as shopping malls and several commercial buildings. These bylaws that prohibit smoking are backed by fines of up to $5000 and is seemed to be the harshest anti smoking law on the planet. Yet there is talk that it is not working. Restaurant and bar owners claim it is costing them money and that smokers will simply go to other restaurants outside Toronto to smoke.

The tourist industry wonders what the ban would do to future bookings of conventions. And furthermore, enforcement of the law is not tolerated by smokers, they feel that 'their' rights are being taken away. Most of them can get away with it too, since their is just a handful of 'smoke police' that can enforce the law over 4,500 food service establishments in Toronto. The difficulty of establishing a smoking ban is almost as bad as stopping forest workers to cut down already depleted forests in Northern Ontario. Forestry companies could simply pack up and move to other provinces or the United States to continue working, which is what a smoker would do if a ban was in his area. Yet the benefits of the ban would occur mostly for the...

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